Our Invaluable Instructors

Mike Bronstein

Life to me is about exploration and perspective. Growing up in central Manhattan, I always felt like there was a missing aspect to the way I was learning. School was a challenge for me as a young kid, as I was never able to sit still and was always itching to explore beyond the playground. One thing was always consistent, I loved spending time in Central Park and Bryant Park. The green grass, the beautiful landscapes, and my favorite rock to each lunch always made me feel truly at home, and made me eager to leave the city so I could become further influenced by my love of the outdoors. This passion for the outdoors led me to study Environmental Conservation and Sustainability, as I had come to realize that without very serious efforts to conserve areas for outdoor recreation, we could easily lose many priceless natural areas of our country and planet. I found Coyote Club shortly after I received my Undergraduate Degree, and right off the bat I was blown away by the concept and the values that the organization stands for. I know I would have loved to be a part of this program as a young child, as it facilitates a strong relationship between children and their natural environment. Through Coyote Club, I have the privilege of using what I have learned in my own experiences and in school to share my excitement and passion for the outdoors, to make a lasting impact with the next generation of environmental stewards.

Matt Corr

Bio coming soon